What is a CNC Turret Punching Press and what does it do?
A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Turret Punching Press perfects custom shapes by selectively removing material from sheet metal blanks. These machines are programmed from CAD software to reduce error and are capable of punching repetitive shapes with ample speed to maximize production times.

At R&I, we have several single punch presses along with multiple CNC Turret punch presses with hundreds of standard and custom tooling/dies to fit our customers needs. Our machine can punch a 4.5 inch diameter hole and can also punch sheets that are 60 inches wide and 144 inches long. It can also accommodate up to 42 different tools with one set up.


Our extensive tooling inventory allows us to keep tooling costs at a minimum, and lets us punch parts with fewer hits, resulting in increased cycle time and a smoother edge finish. It can be programmed to produce a particular part, accurately over and over again without any variation. We provide turret punching of small detailed parts as well as heavy gauge, large fabrications.


An advantage of CNC press production is the extraordinary design flexibility in the configuration and size of features within the part. Our machines speed allows us to produce production quality parts due to the impressive selection of standard punches used to make different shapes. Besides standard hole shapes, CNC punching capabilities include: depressions, dimples, flanges, and many other multifaceted effects that can be achieved with the proper dies.


A CNC punch press not only allows for high production rates and outstanding accuracy, but can also generally punch more complex shapes than other press types. If your project requires high volume prototyping, CNC turret press technology can be the most beneficial method for you. Allow our expert staff to assist you in the selection of options to best match your projects specific needs.

Our team manages a variety of orders, from prototypes to full production runs, so don’t hesitate to place your specific fabrication orders with us. At R&I we promise to give you a very competitive price, if you have any questions please contact us at (909) 923-7747 or email sales@rimetal.com today! To learn more about additional services we offer, visit our website at http://rimetal.com/

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