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         Our team at R&I Industries has been recently informed that there are speculations of rising prices in materials from U.S. steel mills. According to our sources, due to the 2016 Anti-dumping laws against oversea steel mills, only U.S. steel mills can provide materials to the U.S. until international material costs rise to reasonable and competitive numbers. This change may not only increase prices, but in some instances can limit the amount of materials available for consumption.  Fluctuations in material costs are said to steadily incline until the end of the 2016 summer.

       Quotations and prices on any previously purchased order may change from day to day due to the fluctuation of material costs. R&I Industries, Inc. quotes will be valid for 1-week from the date of the quotation and must be confirmed in writing. We will do our best to hold the designated price for as long as possible, however, we cannot guarantee the price will remain the same at the time in which the order is placed. If you have the ability to do so, we recommend increasing your inventory as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of higher costs. Again, we can not guarantee the accuracy of the above information, we are just passing the word along from our trusted Metal Suppliers to keep you up to date with the latest information.