Sheet metal shearing is the process which involves the cutting of metal at a high speed and total shear force using moving blades to form metal plate sheets. The biggest advantage of shearing is that it produces minimal or no kerf, with virtually no loss of material. This process uses shear blades to cut stock, rather than burning or melting the sheet metal, like in other applications. It is a process that is used to form plates or sheets of metal to specific sizes in both width and in length.


R&I Industries has skilled operators that can provide CNC Shearing services that can be used for prototyping or high volume production. Our Shearing machine can cut through a Quarter inch plate up to 12 ft. x 0.250″ of materials like Hot Roll Steel, Cold Roll, Stainless, Aluminum, Brass Sheets etc. and includes front and back gauging.


Shear cutting is widely used for its speed and cost advantages over competing cutting methods. The accuracy of our hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is higher than that of the swing beam shear, and tends be smoother with less distortion. The hydraulic system is a type of shearing that has a stronger shearing capacity because of the larger cutting angles which are adjustable. To obtain optimum shearing performance, our shears have an adequate capacity and are always maintained in good condition. The blades are also kept extra sharp to minimize burr.


If you are unsure about what kind of cutting process your project may need, we would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Some of our other processes include: CNC punching, Laser cutting, Water jet cutting, Welding, Forming, Tube bending and more.

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